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Oisín Thomas

Favourite Content

A collection of essays on startups, programming, and life. You may notice all my translations of his articles ...

A blog about programming, data, and the web. Some real gems like the Perfect Commit.

Not the most quotable of books, but a fabulous indulgent read of human nature (at its worst).

A cyberpunk classic -- origin of the term 'metaverse'-- and such a fun meditation on a cyber society.

A real treat for historical fiction. A must-read for anyone interested in cryptography. Stephenson outdoes himself on this one.

A classic that is worth the time investment.

A fabulous intoxicating dream of a book -- have read it about 7 times.

A hilarious and thought-provoking book about the universe.

Hilarious. A treat of a book that was impossible to put down.

For those who like a story that is both intelligible and by Joyce.

A mind-bending journey; there is something so magical and surreal about Murakami's writing.

A surreal and dream-like book that is a must-read for fans of Murakami. A shorter read than 1Q84 but just as impactful.

A haunting and beautiful book that explores themes of love and **spoiler**. Genuinely moving.

A strange book. First read it as a Weeve, then in Irish and finally in English. Hard to belive its a children's book...

A collection of speeches and essays by Charlie Munger. A must-read for anyone interested in mental models.

A book about how to thrive in a world of uncertainty. Great for concepts and metaphors. Be prepared for a lot of tangents.

A book about the nature of intelligence and consciousness. A challenging tome of logic but highly rewarding when you spend time with it.

Simply a classic

The Matrix
Haven't checked out the sequels, but the first one is a staple for the memes alone.

A movie about the founding of Facebook that explores themes of ambition and betrayal.

A classic movie about the mafia that explores themes of power and family.

Truly poignant -- couple it with the Cryptonomicon and just indulge in the world of cryptography.